Gabrielle Bufrem


I love sharing my experiences and connecting with people through public speaking through Product Management events across the world. 


To enquire about having me speak at your event please contact me

Upcoming Events

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emea product conf

October 20-21st 2017 - London, United Kingdom

EMEA Product Conf is the hub for exchanging best practices about product management and design in Europe


campus party

April 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal

Campus Party is the greatest technological experience of the world which brings together young geeks in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship & entertainment.

past Events




September 22-24th 2017 - Providence, United States

To celebrate Better World’s 10th year anniversary, we decided to create a different kind of conference in order to break the conversational mold and reflect upon both our organization’s history and our common future. This year’s theme, Blocks, Bytes, and Bars, uses symbols to provide an alternative method of conceiving the design process. These three objects can represent design’s traditional past, technological present, and aspirational future; however, symbolism is inherently ambiguous and therefore invites multiple interpretations. We hope that crafting the theme in this way will provide a fresh lens through which new stories, understandings and connections can emerge.